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Spouse and Dependent Visa Consultant in patiala

Evade complexities of Spouse and Dependant Visa in Patiala with immigration experts

It is pretty much sure that the zeal for spouse visas for Indian nationals is not lesser than individual study migration. Many couples seek opportunities to settle abroad with the help of spousal immigration. So, here at Elite Educational & Visa Services, we are a leading Spouse and Dependent Visa Consultant in Patiala. We are actively working in the realm of immigration for couples who want to go abroad together. Whether it be in the UK, Australia, or Canada, we bring higher success rates for couples to make their dreams cherished. Though spousal and dependant immigration is somewhat difficult, we have a specific expert team to handle these cases.

Who can apply for spouse visa immigration and why?

Indian nationals who are married and want to study abroad are prospective applicants for spouse visas. These applicants often wish to bring their family and dependants to a specific country. For instance, if you want to study in the UK or Canada, you can apply for this visa. Immigration officers consider study visa applications which include accompanying family members. However, the decision to add family members to this visa might have an influencing impact on the visa officer’s decision. However, the reason for bringing a spouse/partner and kids along on a study visa is obvious. Everyone wishes to raise the standard of living and economic stability for his/her family. However, there are several aspects linked to this particular visa. So, it is essential to get help from Spouse and Dependent Visa Consultant in Patiala to prevent any glitches.

Bring your spouse abroad on a study spouse/dependant visa in Patiala

Your partner and kids are your dependents so they can go overseas with you on a study visa. However, you need to take caution whilst applying for this visa. It requires you to submit a statement stating why you are bringing your family along with you. Thus, if you fail to satisfy the immigration officers, you may have to face denial. Henceforth, being the leading dependent visa consultant in Patiala, we help you to make the process fruitful. We make an effective statement of purpose on your behalf stating compelling reasons for your spouse’s study visa. We mention why and how it is beneficial for you to accompany your partner to a foreign land. However, as a primary applicant, you must have sufficient funds to support your spouse/partner during the study period.

Documents needed to submit for spouse study visa

Documentation requirements for spousal and dependent migration might depend on the numbers of applicants. Even if you don’t have kids, still you need to prepare and submit documents for two persons. You will be the primary applicant and your partner is the secondary applicant. So, each document is required to be submitted without any fail to the immigration of the respective country. Elite Educational & Visa Services guides you thoroughly about various documents. Spouse visa consultancy service in Patiala makes it easier for you to have flawless application submission. The documents are: Visa application form We complete the visa application forms for you precisely so it won’t leave any anomaly to repeat the action. We carefully fill in various information about you and your partner online. Passport copies As a couple, you need to submit copies of original and valid passports along with colored passport-size photographs.  Relationship proof We endorse your marriage certificate and other documents as solid and legitimate proof of your relationship. Letter of Admission Acceptance Our dependent visa consultancy service in Patiala fetches an LOA for the main applicant. It proves the acceptance of admission for primary applicants into overseas colleges/universities. Financial statement We satisfy the visa officer by stating that you can meet your living expenses and tuition fees during your stay. Also, you should have enough funds to bear the expenses of your accompanying partner. So, we guide you explicitly about getting bank financial statements and proof of funds. Medical examination You should submit valid medical exam certificates for both the applicants for spouse visa. Even if your spouse is not accompanying you now, we advise you to get one for future processes. Police clearance You need to bring police clearance certification for your spouse’s visa. It states that you and your partner have no criminal record in your original place of residence. IELTS Preparation Language proficiency is a must so Patiala spouse and dependant visa consultant helps you in preparation. Elite Educational & Visa Services offers comprehensive IELTS/PTE courses. So, we serve you as a one-stop solution to begin the spousal immigration process from scratch.

Secure your spouse’s study visa with expert guidance

The prospects of visa granting for spousal cases depend on how you convince immigration to be a genuine student. Therefore, you should not leave any room for error in your application process. Thus, getting expert guidance from Elite Educational & Visa Services makes the process hassle-free and legitimate. We prepare your application with all documents to represent it as a genuine submission for an overseas study visa.

Reach us for spouse visa application in Patiala

We are a pioneer spouse and dependant visa consultant in Patiala with having speciality in spousal immigration. So, you can get genuine guidance and visa services at competitive prices. Our expertise in handling spouse visa immigration proves beneficial for your successful overseas education orientation. So, let’s discuss your needs with us by visiting our office. We give prompt responses to your query and make an online assessment for your case.  
Spouse and Depended Visa Consultant in Patiala