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Elite Educational & Visa Services LLP – An award-winning immigration Consultant in Patiala

At Elite Educational & Visa Services, we are excited to welcome you on board for cutting-edge immigration solutions. Established in 2015, we have one goal which is to make visa and immigration a simple and rewarding process. Thus, by keeping this instinct, we are now well-regarded as leading immigration consultant in Patiala. We are offering intuitive immigration solutions to those who are seeking to move abroad for a bright future. Thus, we are specializing in the visa services for:

  • Education
  • Work permit
  • Travel visa
  • Business
  • Spousal and dependent immigration 

So, if you are seeking a reliable service to meet your overseas settlement dream, we are your friendly support. We aim to render exceptional immigration services to our clients with no stone left unturned.

We offer a suite of the best immigration services in Patiala

We feel immense pride in ourselves for offering top-notch immigration services. Comprising in-depth knowledge about all sorts of overseas migration, we specialize in various visa application processing. Thus, you can consult us to discuss your specific visa needs to get valuable advice and guidance. We work closely as your trusted immigration consultancy service in Patiala to bring quality results. So, let’s take a look at our bouquet of services below to know us soundly.

Ask for a PR consultation

Are you seeking to migrate to an overseas country for future perspectives? If yes, then you should never negotiate with the quality of immigration service. Thus, Elite Educational & Visa Services is your only gateway to walk on the right path towards your destination. We are experts in permanent residency cases which are mostly associated with Canada and Australia. These both are quite impressive countries offering high wages and work opportunities to immigrants. Thus, our immigration consultancy services in Patiala let you be involved in the process of overseas migration. We let you meet the dream through express entry, PNPs, and family sponsorship. By assessing your eligibility and meeting your criteria, we deliver the right guidance and support for your needs.

Study visa consultation

As our name implies Elite Educational & Visa Services, we guide you thoroughly for educational immigration. Our diligent support approach works from IELTS/PTE preparation to visa filing and granting. Thus, from beginning to end, our immigration consultant in Patiala backs up your process thoroughly. Thus, making it smooth and free from glitches to enhance the ratio of successful visa orientation. Moreover, we guide you to select the best overseas college/university in Canada, Australia, the UK, etc. We have in-depth acquaintance with study courses which are helpful for students to get job placement easily. Thus, consulting us for a study visa always helps you to make the right move to overseas education.

Travel visa and sponsorship

Our immigration consultants in Patiala make your process of travel visa easier and faster. We have in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations regarding visitor visas and sponsors. Thus, we let you discover the potential chances to join your overseas family for specific events. Also, we guide you thoroughly about what kind of sponsorship you need to enhance the success rate for a visa. From filing the travel documentation, funding and statement, and visa stamping, we remain involved in the process. Thus, making your journey to overseas locations like Canada, the USA, UK smooth and memorable.

Migrate overseas in 3 simple steps with Elite Educational & Visa Services LLP

We are a team of experts who always search for the latest immigration policies and regulations. Thus, it keeps us up-to-date with the strategies to deploy for successful immigration. So, we don’t indulge our clients in the complex structure of visa processing. But always keep them involved in concise and precise immigration steps with 3 key steps such as:

Online form completion 

We believe that an online platform to submit a visa application cuts unwanted delays and mistakes. Therefore, getting nominated under the desired visa program enables you to complete form submission faster. We guide you thoroughly about the documents required, collect and scan them to upload online. Thus, it reduces the processing time and helps your application to submit to authorities correctly.

Payments and Confirmation

Our immigration firm in Patiala tracks each and every update regarding your visa process. Thus, we give you an update when you have to pay for the legal visa fees and charges. From study visas to immigration to travel, there are different charges and fees. Thus, by submitting them online for you, we give your confirmation in no time to move to the next step.

Collect your visa

Once your visa is approved, you will get confirmation from the authorities online. Thus, we collect your valid passport and send it for visa stamping. The whole process takes a couple of official working days. So, once the visa is stamped, we call you to receive your visa from our immigration office. We show you the online visa confirmation through email and a printed soft copy.

Dreaming overseas immigration? Let’s make it a reality together!

Elite Educational & Visa Services wishes you success in your overseas immigration endeavor. So, we won’t want you to keep the desire for overseas migration in your heart and mind. But want you to reach your goal in an ethical, sound, and secure way. So, being your trusted immigration consultant in Patiala, we bring you the favorable outcomes. We deploy the best immigration process for you to make the journey toward success certain.

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